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Amazon Supermodels
Benedicteen Series
Instant Muscles Series
Leg Modeling
Lift & Carry
Maxine Legroom Series
Physique Modeling
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Available Now    10/22/2017  

• Charlie O
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 2.2 MB

• Shaunte
Shaunte has muscles, and Shaunte has skillz! She demonstrates her athletic grace and agility with martial arts, yoga and dance moves, as well as flexing and posing.

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.1 MB

• Maxine Legroom - vol. 8:
  Innocent Tease

Muscular rock climber Katherine with her bulging calves, lovely Erin with her shapely arms, beautiful, tanned Shannon, the ever-popular Catherine Case and more...

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.1 MB

• Calfeinated Decalf
Featuring Jennifer Delano, 5'3 1/2, 148 lbs modeling her bulging calves in the stairways, lawns and poolside of a Southern California mansion.

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.1 MB

• Muscles R Weaponz
Muscles R Weaponz and these gals bring out the heavy artillery for a full on barrage of lifting, posing, and creative feats of strength.

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4 MB

• Benedicteen - vol. 1:

Builtmore's tradition of excellence in the lift and carry genre continues with their latest release, Benedicteen. Composed entirely of footage from Pete Bliss's archives, this sixty minute lifting extravaganza boasts some of the most beautiful and charismatic girls this side of the Mississippi River. The girls are all between 18 and 21 years of age, which makes this a teen muscle lover's dream come true.

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.2 MB

• We Were Country Before Country Was Cool:
  Before Country Was Cool

Pretty Southern Gals
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer -

• Women of Bronze
Featuring the amazing physiques of female athletes and bodybuilders Lytrischia Porchia, Nancy Lewis, and more
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer -

• Gravity Girl
Non-stop lifting action from beginning to end. Features the gorgeous, tall, muscular, blonde Rose, who has her way with any guy she sees fit.

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.3 MB

• Polynesian Persuasion
Hugely muscular non-Caucasian female bodybuilders. Working out, posing, flexing, in the gym, at the beach. Includes Becky Rampey, Paula Suzuki, Vernice Cooper, Carol Mooney, Delia Cabalo.

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.1 MB

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