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Title: Farm girl sissy ($ 2.00)

Farm girl sissy

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Title: Sherry the beautiful muscular showoff ($ 5.00)

Sherry is one model with the strongest sexiest legs

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Title: Emery Miller - Protective Muscle Mom ($ 6.00)

Emery visits the father of a boy who's bullying her young son, in the hopes that they can handle this situation like mature adults, though his boorish, crude manner quickly lets her know that such tactics are wasted.

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Title: Jenna Preston - Sad Boyfriend ($ 6.00)

When Jenna and her man return home from a night out, she notices he's feeling down, the reason for which is the assortment of guys that were teasing him for being shorter than his statuesque girlfriend, not to mention her effortle...

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Title: Mary &Friends ($ 10.00)

Mary is known for Her rock hard abs and demonstrates how hard they are here by having a Man hit Her abs hard as She taunts Him to hit Her harder as She doesn't feel it. We then shot Her a few years later in Her bikini and She sti...

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