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Title: Susan Figure Model ($ 6.00)

Susan is a competitive figure model when She is in contest shape. We wanted to shoot Her in Her off-season condition and She was a little hesitant but We convinced Her She looked great. At 48 years old and 5'5" at 145 now She look...

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Title: Write 2 Stryke (Golden Katt v. SMO) ($ 10.00)

"Golden Katt v. SMO"

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Title: MuscleVixen - Powerful Persuasion (Part 1) ($ 6.00)

Our first of several video clips to come starring the Super Sexy, Super Muscular, Brazilian Amazon - MuscleVixen. Here she returns home with a special man after their first date, things are going Amazingly so far.

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Title: How 2 Hold Your Man (Part 6) ($ 5.00)

It is very amusing to listen to Dan speak while Nancy continues to torture him in the bedroom. Having thrown him on to the bed, she jumps on top of him and begins to use her muscular body in an attempt to render him incapacitated....

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Title: Amazon Model part 1 ($ 9.00)

Very jealous, a model tortures her boyfriend when she finds out her boyfriend has wrestled another woman.

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