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Title: FEMALE FURY 2 Python Princess vs The Posing Partner ($ 9.00)

After oiling up, the Python Princess and her massive male posing partner practice their routine and engage in a playful wrestling match but the male bodybuilder underestimates her strength.

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Title: Jennifer Thomas - Witless Wimpy Boyfriend ($ 6.00)

When super sexy gym-gal Jennifer returns home from a workout with her less than athletic boyfriend, he complains that he's fed up with the guys there making fun of him. Jennifer tells him that if he exercised more, and ate less pi...

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Title: Miss Andrea Untamed - Boss Of This Dog ($ 6.00)

When Andrea calls one of her workers in for a talk about his crude, lecherous behaviour towards the other women on her staff, he smiles and says it's all just harmless fun - though harmless is one thing this Stunning Statuesque Su...

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Title: Susan Figure Model ($ 6.00)

Susan is a competitive figure model when She is in contest shape. We wanted to shoot Her in Her off-season condition and She was a little hesitant but We convinced Her She looked great. At 48 years old and 5'5" at 145 now She look...

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Title: Write 2 Stryke (Golden Katt v. SMO) ($ 10.00)

"Golden Katt v. SMO"

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