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Title: MuscleVixen - Cheater Beater (Part 2) ($ 6.00)

Here MuscleVixen continues her harsh treatment of her cheating man, who when confronted vocally by his muscle-packed Amazonian girlfriend, first denies his cheater ways, though then admits he did so to make himself feel stronger.

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Title: Layla & Lani ($ 20.00)

Layla is a 5'7"135-pound farmhand with some of the most incredibly strong and compact legs We have seen. She leg presses this 250 pound Man with ease, pushes Him up high on Her toes and even lifts Her butt up off the ground with Him high up...

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Title: Emery Miller - Bedroom Buff Babe ($ 6.00)

Are you into watching a lush, muscular woman talk about her muscles, in an incredibly sexy tone, as she plays with one of her favorite sex-toys? Then this video is for YOU! Emery Miller definitely has the Sensual and Erotic down to a T.

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Title: Hairy Legs Wrestling ($ 20.00)

Lovely Sage Green is a strength athlete and a college wrestler. She is an all natural woman with lots of hair on her body, legs and underarms. She shows off her long, strong hairy athletic legs, and then she combs her hairy armpits, showing...

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Title: My powerful and sexy legs ($ 5.00)

I am showing off My legs at various times in My workout life.

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