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Title: American Legxicon (Lucianna) ($ 10.00)

Featuring Lucianna.

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Title: Muscle Beauty X - Personal Trainer Punishment ($ 6.00)

When the stunning Muscle Beauty, who's also a yoga instructor and personal trainer, returns home from a hard day's work, she's very disappointed to see her boyfriend laying on the couch, with their apartment a real mess. His defen...

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Title: How 2 Hold Your Man (Part 6) ($ 5.00)

It is very amusing to listen to Dan speak while Nancy continues to torture him in the bedroom. Having thrown him on to the bed, she jumps on top of him and begins to use her muscular body in an attempt to render him incapacitated....

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Title: Designer Genes (Part 9) ($ 5.00)

Muse MacKenzie, celebrity fitness trainer taunts the paparazzi. (Part Two)

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Title: Jennifer Thomas - Witless Wimpy Boyfriend ($ 6.00)

When super sexy gym-gal Jennifer returns home from a workout with her less than athletic boyfriend, he complains that he's fed up with the guys there making fun of him. Jennifer tells him that if he exercised more, and ate less pi...

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