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Title: Muscle Beauty X - Overprotective Girlfriend ($ 6.00)

Lusciously lovely, beautifully buff Muscle Beauty X returns home with her loving man, his smaller body carried in her powerful arms, as she brings him back to care for him after a car almost hit him (actually hitting her, though h...

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Title: MuscleVixen - Powerful Persuasion (Part 1) ($ 6.00)

Our first of several video clips to come starring the Super Sexy, Super Muscular, Brazilian Amazon - MuscleVixen. Here she returns home with a special man after their first date, things are going Amazingly so far.

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Title: Brandi Mae - Sensual Foreplay ($ 6.00)

Power packed Brandi just Loves flexing her thick, meaty muscles for her man, and this case is no exception; as he lays on their bed, her lush Amazonian physique posing all over him in a Very Sexy manner, as her sensually spoken wo...

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Title: My powerful and sexy legs ($ 5.00)

I am showing off My legs at various times in My workout life.

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Title: How 2 Hold Your Man (Part 7) ($ 5.00)

Dan is elated that his brother has finally reacted to something that he celebrates with Nancy out on the porch. They hug and caress each other. The video does end with some semi-erotic muscle worship as Nancy straddles Dan who is ...

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