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Title: Mary &Friends ($ 10.00)

Mary is known for Her rock hard abs and demonstrates how hard they are here by having a Man hit Her abs hard as She taunts Him to hit Her harder as She doesn't feel it. We then shot Her a few years later in Her bikini and She still looks g...

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Title: MuscleVixen - Dating An Amazon Woman (Pleasure) ($ 6.00)

MuscleVixen just can't get enough of her boyfriend, and he definitely cannot get enough of her, especially her thick, hard, powerfully muscular body. A visit to his Amazonian Woman turns quickly from lifts and carries to LOTS of sexy muscle...

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Title: Cross fit competitor 3 ($ 4.00)

We challenged this cross fit Woman to fireman's carry

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Title: Brandi Mae - Sisterly Revenge ($ 6.00)

When lusciously buff and beautiful Brandi brings home her date for the evening, he thinks he's in for a night of untold pleasure from this super sexy Amazon; though such thoughts quickly disappear, when she lets him know that this whole dat...

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Title: Sexy Sally in a thong ($ 5.00)

Sally is a sexy top fitness model and flexes in a school room

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