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Name: Athena2: Bér@ngère vs. Franck
Studio: Athena2
Price: $ 14.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:40:58
Size (MB): 478 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 720 x 576
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: For those who already know her, Ber@ngère is not physically impressive, though very pretty, she's much stronger than she looks, and very skilled, with her judo 2nd dan. So, poor Frank is no match for her... If you want to see a pretty girl wrestling an overwhelmed guy, this video is for you.
Status: Available
cac86a14-e0b4-44ad-8228-2007fb9feb82.jpg 703f4e24-e96f-4206-81e7-9519870b20fe.jpg 3cdc6f50-f205-4853-9f3f-e9b71302047f.jpg c4c345a6-cc2c-47bb-b8f7-386495465b2b.jpg 9b34fae8-0377-4b67-834e-6060dd305d6e.jpg 01f161dc-bf4d-4b85-af21-0178c13b88c2.jpg 77bf8cbb-7f1d-491d-812c-6942c8a4e233.jpg 32551112-5cd9-46cb-9542-001e6556d920.jpg 4a230859-da3a-45ac-942a-2b2b7828ea2b.jpg

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