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Title: The gymnasts 2 ($ 3.00)

Her body is flexible, yet powerful. Her muscles are long and lean, strong and hard.

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Title: Emery Miller - Wrong Number (aka: Who's Lucy) ($ 6.00)

Our first of several upcoming video clips with the Absolutely Awesome Emery Miller! Here, while cuddling with her boyfriend, Emery intercepts a phone call meant for him, from a suspicious sounding woman.

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Title: Aubrey Black - Alien Annihilation ($ 6.00)

It's NEVER a good idea to take sexual advantage of an intoxicated woman (especially if like this foolish man, you spiked her drink), something the lecherous pervert finds out all too clearly, and Painfully, here! Imagine his shock when he d...

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Title: KARATE GIRL ($ 5.00)

A martial arts student shows off her leg strength as she carries her subject piggy back style.

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Title: Emery Miller - Protective Muscle Mom 3 ($ 6.00)

Strong and sexy Emery sets up her trap to ensnare a lecherous older man who was pervertedly leering at her athletically built college-aged daughter! Initially playing innocent, the more mature muscle mom soon springs her plan into action.

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Name: 4 sexy fitness competitors
Studio: College Physiques
Price: $ 7.00
Length (mins): 7.30
Size (MB): 903
Format: MP4
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: We start the video with the following:

Very short but muscular Dana who is a competitive bodybuilder with some of the most defined muscles We have seen. She boasts of a 300 pound squat for reps

We then have Blessing who is a muscular and competitive crossfit and bodybuilder. She is pushing a very large truck here She has several videos availible here lifting Men easily.

We then have a competitive weight trainer who is a 6'1" 160 pound amazon who flexes Her muscles indoors

Then We have out featured beauty who is 5'9" at an incredable 145 pounds. She flexes Her incredably sexy legs and arms in a bikini at the beach.

Status: Available