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Title: Musclebunny - Movie Night Mayhem ($ 6.00)

Musclebunny is looking forward to cuddling up with her man in bed to watch one of her favorite films, The Terminator, though he isn't feeling it tonight and is dying to see The Piano instead (go figure).

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Title: Bootleg: Pedagogical (Part 4) ($ 5.00)

On Broadway. In Santa Monica.

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Title: How 2 Hold Your Man (Part 5) ($ 5.00)

The next day Dan comes over to Nancy's house to let her know that Bill is in the hospital because of her. She doesn't really seem to care about that, but instead invites Dan in to be her "wrestling toy." She throws him down on to ...

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Title: DANA the AMAZON part 1 ($ 6.00)

A very muscular student stretches in the park before lifting a man and carrying him through the park.

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Title: Hot Poison ($ 7.00)

Hot poison is a model from Poland. She is 5'3" tall and a muscular and sexy 130 pounds of rock hard legs. In this video We challenged Her to lift a Man. She said that would be easy HOWEVER We knew She liked challenges so the c...

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Name: The debt collector Part2
Studio: Athena2
Price: $ 9.99
Length (mins): 10
Size (MB): 188
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280x720
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Big Thick ly Muscled Claudia Partenza is being visited by a debt collector whom she despises. She proceeds to teach him a lesson he will never forget and to leave her alone. Headlocking him to the bed she starts her hellacious scissors on him in all various positions with her huge thick muscular thighs that will bring a string of pain and agony on her poor unsuspecting victim!

This powerful Muscular woman loves to dominate men and she shows it by first: powerful and prolonged headlock leading to inescapable body scissors showing off her thick powerful muscular thighs, then she indulges herself in some great face sitting and takes her victim back up to the bed for some painful head scissors.d!!
Status: Available