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Title: Rose Jennings Bends Steel ($ 8.00)

Rosemary Jennings Posing & bending steel bars

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Title: Carry On ($ 20.00)

Small but fierce, 5'3" 128-pound APRIL is a captivating combination of blonde feminine beauty and highly trained combat veteran, who has served in both the marines and in law enforcement. Between pull-ups and posing, where she sho...

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Title: Lisa's Muscle Worship ($ 6.00)

A second part to her Beach Scissors, as Lisa then poses before this man, sexily flexing and sensually moving her buff, shapely physique before him, inviting his tender touches of her rock hard body.

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Title: Rosie Harte - Alley Kitten Strut 2 ($ 6.00)

Rosie is Back, strutting her stuff as Only she can! If you like soft, sensual movements, mixed with hard, rippling muscle flexes, done so by a woman with world-class model beauty, then Look No Further! :) Another Awesome video sho...

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Title: The debt collector Part3 ($ 8.99)

Fantasy wrestling with incredible FBB Claudia Partenza

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Title: Alt Two: Robin 6'0" ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 17:22 Size (MB): 341
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1060x720

ROBIN 6'0" is a beauty among beauties. She has it all! A gorgeous blond with all-American movie-star looks, a long, lithe bodybuilder's physique with curves in all the right places, and the sexy contralto voice and pouty lips of G...

Title: Compleat Poteat (Part 3) ($ 5.00)

Length (min): 9:16 Size (MB): 396
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1280x720

Kim at the Park

Title: LegWork (Shana) ($ 5.00)

Length (min): 5:16 Size (MB): 234
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1280x720

Leg Modelling with Shana.

Title: How 2 Hold Your Man (Part 3) ($ 5.00)

Length (min): 5:28 Size (MB): 249
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1280x720

Nancy posing down on the blanket which is laid out across the grass, an intruder spies on her through the bushes. This peeping-tom is getting aroused by Nancy's sensual movements on the blanket and is soon discovered by the busty ...

Title: Compleat Poteat (Part 2) ($ 5.00)

Length (min): 5:54 Size (MB): 245
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1280x720

Kim and Catherine and Michelle

Title: Laura v. Aziza ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 35:52 Size (MB): 586
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1070x720

Laura vs. Aziza, The chess game; black versus white highlighted with hot wrestling action! These two females dominatrixes compete against each other; arm wrestling, Indian leg wrestling and flat out erotic women's wrestling with a...

Title: Gravity Girl ($ 20.00)

Length (min): 53:10 Size (MB): 455
Format: MP4 Resolution: 716x474

Here are some vital stats on the ever-so-powerful Rose. She is definitely an Amazon, weighing in at a shapely 160 pounds while standing 5'11" tall. Her long flowing blonde hair extends down her back like golden rays of sunshine. H...

Title: ASM 4: Catherine 6'1.5" ($ 5.00)

Length (min): 4:55 Size (MB): 59.2
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1072x720

"Sexy Six Footers" or Amazon Supermodels, Inc. (Volume 4) is tall modelling with Catherine, a leg model.

Title: Women's Muscle Magazine (Michelle) ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 742 Size (MB): 16:26
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1280x720

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