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A Contribution to the Critique of Body Mechanics and Human Liftology.

Builtmore's latest venture into the world of lifts and carries proves to be the most incredible display of female (or human for that matter!) strength and power ever captured on tape. That may seem like a bold statement, but when you view this 60 minute video, featuring some of the most powerful women on the planet lifting and carrying various males with the utmost of ease, you too will agree that Hoistess is truly a lift and carry fan's dream come true!

The tape begins with Lora, a beautiful, blonde haired female bodybuilder, who stands approximately 5'10" (yup she's a tall one folks!) and weighs somewhere in the neighbourhood of 150-165 pounds. Decked out in a black two piece outfit, with military style boots, she enters the room and does some posing, showing off her incredible leg development, including her rock hard calves. She then removes her boots and replaces them with black high heels. And so begins a sensual posing routine, designed to show off each and every muscle she has...and let me tell you, she has plenty o' muscle! From her incredible baseball biceps, to her V-tapered back, to her unheard of quads, Lora is one of the most impressive bodybuilders in the sport today! Her beauty will captivate you. It is indeed rare to find such a lovely face on a hardcore bodybuilder, but I believe that Lora is one of those girls that if you only saw her from the neck up, you'd think she was model, not a bodybuilder.

A guy comes in to the picture after her routine, and jumps on to Lora's back, beginning what amounts to one of the most comprehensive collection of lifts available anywhere! Lora effortlessly piggybacks him around the room, doing squats, spins, etc. She then throws him over her shoulders like a sack of potatoes. From one shoulder lifts, to fireman's carries, to cradle carries (looks incredibly seductive when she carries him in her arms like a baby!), Lora does it all! Perhaps what is most amusing with this segment is that Lora is able to lift the 155 pound male with such ease, regardless of the lift, that it almost feels as if she's lifting an imaginary person! This is evident especially with her shoulder lift. She squats under the male so as to raise him onto both of her shoulders. Well, needless to say, she lifts him up so easily, that I was just left thinking, "we need a second guy here!" If that's not impressive enough, Lora actually carries him on one shoulder! Yes, he is seated on only one of her shoulders, and she still accomplishes that incredible task with ease! There is virtually no lift that goes unattempted during this segment. Except for one...

How many of you have waited... How many of you have dreamed of... How many of you have begged and pleaded...Well your requests have been granted! Dawn, an awe-inspiring package of muscle and power demonstrates the most challenging human lift possible. Yes, the 5 foot tall Dawn lifts her male partners OVERHEAD, military press style! If that's not enough, she does not just do this with one guy, she does it with five guys! And don't think that these are some light pushovers. The gentlemen range in weight from 145 pounds up to 200 plus pounds! Absolutely incredible! For this segment alone, every single lift and carry fan in the world should purchase this tape. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I was left breathless at this stunning display of female athleticism.

The segment is long and comprehensive. Dawn is in the gym, and in what looks like nothing more than a strength exhibition, she stands and poses next to a set of five gentlemen. Then, one by one, she lifts them over head, even doing reps with them! She does all of these lifts unassisted! From the ground until they are hoisted high above her, Dawn lifts men outweighing her by well over 50 pounds. Nothing else can be said about this segment except that you will regret missing out on it if you don't see it. Outside, Dawn shows us why she is one of the strongest women alive, as she takes her love of lifts to even new heights. She carries two guys at a time on her shoulders! She lifts them all with such ease that you have to wonder if she's even human! But human she is, and you will thrill to each and every lift that she accomplishes in what I consider the most ground breaking segment in lift/carry history!

The attractive Canadian bodybuilder, Amanda, is featured next. She stands approximately 5'4" and weighs in the neighbourhood of 150 pounds. She has very powerful legs, accentuated by her muscular quads, hamstrings, and calves. Her arms are thick and shapely, although not in contest form. She is quite pretty, but seems to lack the charisma which lights up the screen. However, her lack of intensity is not reflective of her lifting ability. She lifts the small 120 pound male in this segment with the facility of lifting a pen. Amanda carries him over her shoulders, piggyback, front piggyback, etc. etc. etc. This segment will thrill fans of larger women lifting and carrying lighter guys. If you like your lifts to look effortless, Amanda will gladly accommodate you!

The final segment features two bodybuilders (far from contest shape) in a lift/carry and wrestling demonstration. Neither of the girls is particularly attractive, but I did enjoy watching them lift each other. It provides a refreshing change from the girls lifting guys routine we are all accustomed to. One of the girls was quite muscular, although her percentage of body fat made it difficult to really appreciate all of her muscle. However, despite their less than prime physical conditioning, both girls are as strong as an ox! You'll enjoy their wrestling demonstration, which starts slow and quickly turns into a highly competitive athletic event. The tape ends with these two girls rolling around on the mat, in a battle for supremacy. Fans of the lift and carry genre will find Hoistess, by Builtmore Productions, Inc., to be one of the most enjoyable videos they've ever seen. A definite must have for any amazon video library!

Review by Davemeister

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