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Title: Designer Genes (Part 9) ($ 5.00)

Muse MacKenzie, celebrity fitness trainer taunts the paparazzi. (Part Two)

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Title: Women's Muscle Magazine (Marika) ($ 10.00)

Home of the 'Flex A Pose'.

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Title: MuscleVixen - Dating An Amazon Woman (Painful) ($ 6.00)

We've side the loving side of dating a power-packed, sexily muscled woman like MuscleVixen, now we have the Painful Side! Watch as she dominates, scolds and manhandles her man with the unreal strength of her rock-solid body; dressed to kill...

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Title: Annie sissors a bathroom scale at 250 + pounds ($ 7.00)

Annie squeezes a scale between Her sexy hard legs.

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Title: Sexy Sally in a thong ($ 5.00)

Sally is a sexy top fitness model and flexes in a school room

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