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Title: MuscleVixen - Cheater Beater (Part 2) ($ 6.00)

Here MuscleVixen continues her harsh treatment of her cheating man, who when confronted vocally by his muscle-packed Amazonian girlfriend, first denies his cheater ways, though then admits he did so to make himself feel stronger.

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Title: Designer Genes (Part 9) ($ 5.00)

Muse MacKenzie, celebrity fitness trainer taunts the paparazzi. (Part Two)

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Title: KARATE GIRL ($ 5.00)

A martial arts student shows off her leg strength as she carries her subject piggy back style.

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Title: Emery Miller - Bedroom Buff Babe 3 ($ 6.00)

Emery returns one more time, with her unreal sensually spoken words and lush, flexing female form, all for her man; who is quickly thrown onto the bed, where she soon after straddles him, proving to him that she is his Superior in...

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Title: FMG BearHug Animation ($ 2.00)

SteelBlazer does a short FMG + Mixed BearHug animation.

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Welcome to the Builtmore Clip Store!

Welcome to the Builtmore Clip Store. This site is an adult entertainment Video purchasing website dedicated to various genres such as Tall Fitness Models, Female Wrestling, Muscular Models, Lift and Carry and Amazon Supermodels.

You can discover new Video clips by using either the Category navigation menu on the right, or by searching for a specific title or keyword using the Search bar on the top. if you already know the name of the Studio, you can also click on the studio name in the right navigation to go straight to that Studio. 



Title: Sam Clench ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 16:10 Size (MB): 310
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1034x720

Samantha Clench: Private Eye

Title: Mikayla Miles in Los Angeles ($ 20.00)

Length (min): 59:44 Size (MB): 533
Format: MP4 Resolution: 706x478

Mikayla Miles, Mistress of the Healing Arts and Amazon Amanda will be in Los Angeles soon. visit milehighmikayla.com for more information.

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Title: Jenna Preston - Stripper Audition Squeeze ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 10:25 Size (MB): 250
Format: MP4 Resolution:

When the super shapely Jenna arrives for an in-home audition, for an erotic dancer to a party, she obliges with a sexy lap-dancing routine; one which gets this man so turned on that he can't help but touch her lush, voluptuous bod...

Title: Jenna Preston - Strong All Over ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 10:43 Size (MB): 258
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1920x1080

Our favorite tall, shapely, sexy amazon is back on Amy's Conquest! Here she playfully dominates her adorable little man in the bedroom, using her long, strong legs to control him completely; though when he states that he would win...

Title: Jenna Preston - Sad Boyfriend ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 12:10 Size (MB): 293
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1920x1080

When Jenna and her man return home from a night out, she notices he's feeling down, the reason for which is the assortment of guys that were teasing him for being shorter than his statuesque girlfriend, not to mention her effortle...

Title: Ingrid & Friends ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 9:31 Size (MB): 162
Format: MP4 Resolution: 718x540

Ingrid is a fitness trainer with some of the most powerful legs We have tested. She is an incredible 145 pounds at 5'2". She loves showing off very defined calf muscles as She smiles and looks at Her girlfriends to show off and da...

Title: Vicki (Danseuse) ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 29:09 Size (MB): 563
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1080x720

Vicki 6'2". Exotic Dancer.

Title: Sasha 6'3" & Friend (MuscleWrestling) ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 10:48 Size (MB): 199
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1080x720

MuscleWrestling With Sasha 6'3" & Friend. Everything Butt.

Title: Sasha 6'3" & Friend (Lift N Carry) ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 23:11 Size (MB): 343
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1080x720

Lift & Carry With Sasha 6'3" & Friend. She Is So Strong! Look At Those Legs! N Butt! Everything Butt.

Title: Natasha & Friend ($ 15.00)

Length (min): 17:11 Size (MB): 240
Format: MP4 Resolution: 710x534

Natasha is a very sexy professional cross fit trainer who says She is VERY strong and can do just about any lift she is tested to do. We asked Her to do many lifts on Her 140 pound trainee. She does fireman's, upside down, arm wre...

Title: Jenna Preston - Naughty Agent ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 10:07 Size (MB): 243
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1920x1080

When the gorgeously statuesque Jenna returns home from her latest modeling shoot, her agent Eric can't keep his eyes (or his hands) off of her tall, shapely, sexy body. Something she initially rejects with a smile, but as his adva...

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