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Title: Blessings reverse leg press challange ($ 2.00)

Blessing gets a reverse leg press challenge

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Title: Amazon lifts Her friend ($ 4.00)

The beautiful amazon lifts

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Title: Brandi Mae - Too Big For Her Boyfriend ($ 6.00)

When Brandi and her boyfriend return home from a friend's Pool Party BBQ, he is less than thrilled with the way she was flaunting her body and strength, making him look like a little boy by comparison in front of his friends; though it's wh...

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Title: Danielle's Arm-Wrestling Domination ($ 6.00)

When this strong and sexy fitness beauty is confronted by a powerfully built man, who questions her right to be in a reserved convention room, Danielle replies with a challenge to arm-wrestle for it.

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Title: Harmony and Melissa compete (Part Four) ($ 11.00)

Harmony is a beautiful farm girl who has to move heavy hay and that's where She gets Her hard as steel 6'2", 175-pound body from. She has taken the challenge of competing against Melissa who is a long distance runner and crossfit competitor...

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Welcome to the Builtmore Clip Store!

Welcome to the Builtmore Clip Store. This site is an adult entertainment Video purchasing website dedicated to various genres such as Tall Fitness Models, Female Wrestling, Muscular Models, Lift and Carry and Amazon Supermodels.

You can discover new Video clips by using either the Category navigation menu on the right, or by searching for a specific title or keyword using the Search bar on the top. if you already know the name of the Studio, you can also click on the studio name in the right navigation to go straight to that Studio. 


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Title: Kim Winn Amazon Schoolgirl (Part 3) ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 3:57 Size (MB): 30.3
Format: MP4 Resolution: 640x360

A few days later, and super-buff schoolgirl Kim and her dirty older man cross paths again, this time Kim's Muscle MILF Mom is around, and she is NOT happy about his perverted attitude towards her young, teenage daughter. So it isn't long be...

Title: Kim Winn Amazon Schoolgirl (Part 2) ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 4:33 Size (MB): 41.2
Format: MP4 Resolution: 640x360

Amazon schoolgirl Kim is not happy with her newly received (and also expired) candy-bar, so she confronts the lecherous older man, demanding another one, with her thick, rippling, hard legs doing the talking for her. Her flirtatious flexing...

Title: Kim Winn Amazon Schoolgirl (Part 1) ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 4:13 Size (MB): 40
Format: MP4 Resolution: 640x360

When muscle packed schoolgirl Kim (Winn) gets approached by a lecherous older man asking for "a thrill", she quickly blows him off; that is until he offers her a tasty candy-bar in exchange for some powerful flexing from her rock-hard muscl...

Title: Twisted Sisters ($ 20.00)

Length (min): 41:00 Size (MB): 874
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1094x720

Twisted Sisters v. Bruise Bros; Female Muscle Drama; Bill Wick & Co.; Area Code 626; It's Complicated.

Title: Danielle's Foolish Boyfriend ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 5:28 Size (MB): 41.7
Format: MP4 Resolution: 640x360

When lusciously shaped hardbody Danielle calls her boyfriend to see where he was last night, she's not very happy to find out he was out with his mates at a strip club. This leads to her breaking things off with him, all while flexing her f...

Title: Lisa's Distant Lover (Part 2) ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 5:30 Size (MB): 32.6
Format: MP4 Resolution: 640x360

Amazingly hot hardbody Lisa Cross returns to her lover, who simply cannot wait to touch and feel her bulging, rock hard, and incredibe sexily posed muscles. He can't help but grope and kiss every inch of her rippling, steel hard physique, a...

Title: Lisa's Distant Lover ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 5:57 Size (MB): 32.8
Format: MP4 Resolution: 640x360

(Hotness) Cross is missing her loving man (especially his massaging touches on her aching muscles), so while lounging around the beach in a soft, sexy white sundress, she gives him a call and lets him know, all the while flexing, flaring an...

Title: Calicalves Scissor Lesson ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 6:23 Size (MB): 43.3
Format: MP4 Resolution: 640x360

When Cali stops by her friend's for more exercise tips for her cheerleading, she instead finds Coach Duncan, who offers to take her through a series of quad-crushing, thigh-squeezing scissor techniques; and judging from the look of pain on ...

Title: Danielle's No Bonus Bashing ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 6:02 Size (MB): 53.2
Format: MP4 Resolution: 640x360

When the ultra fit, super hot Danielle Rouleau confronts a business partner about his lack of paying her bonus, she lets her lush, hard body do the talking; something which all too quickly allows her to get her way from this once greedy (no...

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