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Title: Designer Genes (Part 10) ($ 5.00)

Muse MacKenzie, celebrity fitness trainer taunts the paparazzi. (Part Three)

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Title: Dancers LIft N carry ($ 5.00)

What happens when 2 very sexy teen professional dancers together who love to show off their strength. You get 2 sisters who are strong and sexy and have no problem showing off their dancers legs. Both easily carry each other up the stairs.

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Title: Kim Winn Amazon Schoolgirl (Part 3) ($ 6.00)

A few days later, and super-buff schoolgirl Kim and her dirty older man cross paths again, this time Kim's Muscle MILF Mom is around, and she is NOT happy about his perverted attitude towards her young, teenage daughter. So it isn't long be...

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Title: 2 Amazons lift each other ($ 4.00)

2 amazons show off their incredible strength

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Title: Sherry the beautiful muscular showoff ($ 5.00)

Sherry is one model with the strongest sexiest legs

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Welcome to the Builtmore Clip Store!

Welcome to the Builtmore Clip Store. This site is an adult entertainment Video purchasing website dedicated to various genres such as Tall Fitness Models, Female Wrestling, Muscular Models, Lift and Carry and Amazon Supermodels.

You can discover new Video clips by using either the Category navigation menu on the right, or by searching for a specific title or keyword using the Search bar on the top. if you already know the name of the Studio, you can also click on the studio name in the right navigation to go straight to that Studio. 


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Title: Jennifer Thomas - Witless Wimpy Boyfriend ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 12:21 Size (MB): 279
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1920x1080

When super sexy gym-gal Jennifer returns home from a workout with her less than athletic boyfriend, he complains that he's fed up with the guys there making fun of him. Jennifer tells him that if he exercised more, and ate less pizza, he wo...

Title: Jennifer Thomas - Bodyguard Beatdown ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 12:10 Size (MB): 275
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1920x1080

We are lucky enough Again to be working with another Legend in the field of erotic mixed wrestling videos, as Jennifer Thomas now joins AC for several Brand New videos! In our first, the beautifully buff Jennifer enters the home of a crude,...

Title: Jennifer Thomas - Hands Off ($ 6.00)

Length (min): 11:41 Size (MB): 517
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1280x720

When gorgeous hardbody Jennifer is approached (in a very rude and crude manner) by a businessman who wants to hire her, forcing himself on her in the process, her polite rejections quickly turn into power-packed punishment, as she uses her ...

Title: Tantric Wrestling (Lita) ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 20:56 Size (MB): 916
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1280x720

Charismatic Skilled Wrestler. Lita, 5'7" 130 lb. v. Carlos 5'6", 135 lb. Directed by Guru GrapeWine.

Title: Tantric Wrestling (Octain) ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 15:25 Size (MB): 686
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1280x720

Sexy Athletic Blonde. Mixed Wrestling with Octain 5'9" 140 lb., v. Spike 5'10", 140 lb. Includes Lift And Carry. Directed by Guru GrapeWine.

Title: Tantric Wrestling (Joey) ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 14:19 Size (MB): 640
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1280x720

Feisty Athletic Wrestler. Joey 5'2", 110 lb. v. Sergio 5'8", 135 lb., and Spike 5'10", 140 lb. Directed by Guru GrapeWine.

Title: American Legxicon (Tanya) ($ 10.00)

Length (min): 10:00 Size (MB): 433
Format: MP4 Resolution: 1280x720

Featuring Tanya.

Title: Executive Crush ($ 20.00)

Length (min): 59:33 Size (MB): 636
Format: MP4 Resolution: 712x480

Studio Executive Loves To Get Crushed By Plus Size Model!

Title: women@large ($ 20.00)

Length (min): 57:17 Size (MB): 585
Format: MP4 Resolution: 714x480

Plus Size Dominatrixes Leather And Spike In: "Games Of OneUpManShip". Includes Interview With Shannon Q.

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